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In the world that abundant of different things to do not allow us to think about healthcare and in sweeping of the instants it may never cross in mind how the materials of the current food which we are feeding are able to hurt the healthiness. The generation of world likes the better and the healthier life. Having to reach a healthy society aimed a healthy life for any single person and in case, consuming of the safe food product is playing a key role to present a healthy life. Looking to the subject and deep understanding in the terms of consumption of safe products, we have been established an association to cultivate the producers to find the safe productions and its way of distribution.




Scientific research shows the expanding technology and consuming of additives, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones in food products had caused unavoidable effects on men’s health in upcoming developing countries. The pollution leads to congenital birth defects and cancers mostly to kids. To avoidance of such abnormalities and diseases we should upgrade the knowledge of farmers and producers in the field of production of safe products and familiarizing with the people. To achieving this goal the technical committees as; (1) Standardization, (2) Evaluation, (3) Steering, and (4) Expert-advisors committees established to present some solution in promoting the men’s health and expanding the knowledge in production, recognition and consumption of healthy and organic products.


The standardization committee consists of safe product experts which by studying the safe products indexes from the various countries, international organizations, national standard organization and ministry of health and medical education modifying the relevant standards to the organization of agriculture and its products and food stuffs. The safe food and service to human and environment are account in these indexes.

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The evaluation-committee experts are fully obey of the standards and follow tough tests of the goods and arrange for obtaining the relevant certificate if it approves.

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Expert Advisors

The expert-advisors committee is a scientific gathering consist of academic members in various faculties are supporting scientifically which it is society health. The experts in the field of; Medical, Pharmacy, Viruses, Microbes, Hormones, Genetics, Heavy Metals, Poisons, Pesticides, Veterinary, Economic, Commercial and etc…

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The committee consists of Mr. Seyed Mahmod Reza Shayesteh, Managing Director, Dr. Vahid Sanie, Commercial Deputy and Mrs. Rastegari as Executive Manager balances the strategy due to the points of view of the institute as well as the confirmation of its performance and evaluation of expected procedure.

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About Salem Club:


About club healthy product:

All people in the world are looking for better and healthier life. To have a healthy society requires people to have a healthy lifestyle and product usage healthy society can provide an important part of a healthy lifestyle and to achieve a healthy product using normal input is necessary. Healthy inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc., Biotechnology and organically produced the least damage to the environment and human health makes health makes While increasing productivity and avoids the unnecessary use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that irreparable damage is to the environment.

All these issues need to stay and we hope to implement in the club sound by creating forums and articles and support thesis and scientific conferences that provide diverse services to club members and loyal supporters of the club's goals are to help Islam take a step, however small Iranian community in health development. For this purpose, a group of experts in the fields of science And technology experts from the fields of biotechnology economics and management, with support from the private sector came together with the idea to start the club and in this way to support each interested in the health of this important sector need.

Health club, science club consists of members of the Institute, to exchange information at the forum club of pay and usability of scientific articles and scientific books, etc.  In addition to the product's quality products are healthy, natural and organic products in the club will be through access and purchase the club members will be fostered.

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